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Choice Matters: Interactive Story Writing Engine Workshop
Thursday, 5 May 2022
5 pm
Sun Yuqian
Choice Matters is an emerging game genre that is liked by many. In Choice Matter games, players are offered with multiple story branches. Choosing story option A instead of B may lead up to an entirely different development and sometimes even ending. The style of Choice Matter games may vary, for instance FMV (full motion video game), MUD (multiplayer real-time virtual world), AVG (text adventure game), but at the core of the game is ergodic literature writing. A writer or more, is needed to come up with an extensively non-linear story.
It sounds like a difficult job, but in reality you can already start writing with some easy-to-use game engine, that not only helps you to hold all your chaotic but imaginative thoughts all in the place, but also put them into the right interactive order which can already be a textual game, or combined with graphic, a graphic adventure game.
This Game Kitchen episode, we invite our mentor Sun Yuqian again. Sun works with AI to produce fascinating games about our times, but she is also self-teaching the older craft of writing by herself. She will be teaching us hands-on the engine “Twine”. By the end of the event, we should have collectively produced a textual adventure game.
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