Chaotic Romance, 
Light and Shadow of Hong Kong

Hong Kong-based international photographer Wing Shya's book of photographs, Chaos, has been released nationwide by publisher Littlemore. The book features the photographs that Wing Shya has taken over the past 30 years, including film works, new fashion magazine shots, and unpublished private photos. Chaos is an exploration of experimental communication between WIng Shya and renowned Art Director/Graphic Designer Tsuguya Inoue, who has long been Wingʼs influence in the creation of visual communication. Chaos is a free and providential relationship between graphic design and photography, where two different talents resonate and sometimes collide.

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Wing Shya

Photographer, Film Director


Born in Hong Kong 1964, Wing Shya founded Shya-la-la Workshop after graduating from Emily Carr Institute. Already an award-winning graphic designer/typographer, Shya also ventured into Still Photography when he started working for Wong Kar-Wai in 1997, for his renowned movies Happy Together, In the Mood for Love, 2046, and Eros. Shya continued to collaborate with WKW to date, exploring into the realms of directing movies and commercial videos.

Wing Shya

Tsuguya Inoue

 Art Director, Graphic Designer

Born in 1947,  Inoue founded Beans in 1978 and has worked as artistic director for advertising, music, publishing, and TV.
His practice continues to traverse genres with audacious design works that employ photography and typography.


Bibliographic Information

(Title)                                      Chaos
                                                   Wing Shya   Tsuguya Inoue

(Author)                                 Wing Shya

(Date of Publication)       First published in Japan, November 2020.
(Credit)                                   Creative Direction/Photography by Wing Shya
                                                   Art Direction/Design by Tsuguya Inoue (BEANS)
                                                   Designed by Jun Inagaki (BEANS)
                                                   Produced by Kotoko Koya, Alice Tse (Shya-la-la Workshop Ltd.)
                                                   Printing and Bookbinding by Taiyo Printing Co., Ltd.
                                                   Published by SUN ENTERTAINMENT CULTURE JAPAN LTD.
                                                   Distributor in Japan Little More Co., Ltd.

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